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Friday, July 03, 2009

We're resting and relaxing in Mexico.

Or I should say, Bao is resting and relaxing in Mexico. I am locked into a death struggle with Telmex, the Mexican telephone company. I have had an account with Telmex since last November, and when I moved into our new condo, I wanted a wireless internet connection. They made me buy a new telephone, but that was okay. They gave me a Infinitum modem, and an Infinitum installation disk (in Spanish) and a book of instructions (also in Spanish). Facilimente! it says.

Not true. There is nothing facilimente about it. It's fiendishly, frustratingly difficult, and nobody seems to be able to make it work, including several very nice, Spanish-speaking young men. There's a technical suppport number, but nobody on the other end speaks English. You're thinking, What does she expect? It's Mexico. Of course they speak Spanish.

But here's the thing. The United States is an English-speaking country, but if you're a Mexican living in America and you don't speak English, all you have to do is press one (or two) and voila! there's someone to speak to you -- in Spanish.

It's not fair.

But the sun is shining and the sea is blue. And sooner or later, it will get sorted. Happy Fourth of July, everybody!


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