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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mexicans sometimes dump their dogs because they're sick, or pregnant, or because they've lost their job and can't afford to feed them. So do Americans. But here in the United States, there are hundreds of charitable organizations ready and willing to step in and rescue unwanted pets. In Mexico -- especially in small towns like Puerto Penasco -- its a different, and sadder story.

Enter Nancy Phelan. Nine years ago, Nancy came to Puerto Penasco to retire and soak up the sun. Instead, she became an animal advocate and founder of the Animal Adoption Center of Rocky Point. She rescues abandoned dogs and cats and finds them homes. At the moment, she's got 20 dogs and 40 cats in residence, and it costs her about $3000 a month just to feed them, not to mention medications for mange and tick fever. She survives on donations.

Here Bao and I are at Giuseppe's, hosting a book signing for Sea Changes. I donated all the profits to the Animal Adoption Center, but although Puerto Penasco is usually packed with Americans on Fourth of July weekend, this year was different. Sunday was Election Day in Mexico, and the State Government bans all alcohol sales for the entire weekend, which definitely put a damper on things as all of the bars and most of the restaurants were closed. Never mind. We'll try again on Thanksgiving -- or Turkey Day, as the Mexicans call it.

Meanwhile, if you want to know more about Nancy and her work, visit her website at


Blogger Darlene said...

There are wonderful animal lovers who take care of unwanted pets and I admire them, but think of the work involved, not to mention the mess.

Rocky Point's lady is as incredible as is that woman on You Tube who is known as the cat lady. You couldn't walk in their room without stepping on a cat. It is literally wall to wall cats. My thought was, who empties all the litter boxes? It takes a special kind of person to do this.

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