Chairman Bao is a Shih Tzu. We travel a lot. I drive. He watches. We've logged at least 10,000 miles and he's never once said, Sweetheart, don't you think you should stop and ask someone?

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year, everybody!
And thank you for the emails. Bao is fine. I am fine. In many ways, 2010 was a difficult year. But knowing that you are out there in cyberspace actually reading what I write has heartened and inspired me.
So guess what? It snowed yesterday, here in Scottsdale. Not enough to make a decent snowball, but definitely white stuff coming down from the sky. Bao looked up, and a snowflake landed on his dear little nose. He was more amazed than anything else -- and of course it melted in less time than it took him to lick it.
He's on four different medications (two for his heart, two for the constipation problems due to the hernia that they don't want to operate on because of his heart) and so far -- knock wood -- is doing fine. Blood pressure down, energy levels up, everything good. At the moment, he's a happy senior citizen. And if he's happy, I'm happy.
Let me take a moment to wish you -- and your four-legged loved ones -- a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. And to assure you that one of my three New Years resolutions is to blog at least once a week. (The other two have to do with more exercise and not eating so much chocolate, and will probably fall by the wayside)
Next time I'll tell you about the rats.


Blogger Dogwalk said...

Skip the rats and eat more chocolate. It's good for you! Along with the red wine.

Great news about Bao. The best we can hope for at our ages is to keep ailments at bay!

1:56 PM

Blogger joanmarie said...

Happy New Year to you and Bao!!
Happy to see your post and looking forward to more in 2011...
My Cheyenne is such an old girl now, still in the game but, some days are hard. Got a little friend named Lotte now as well. It's a houseful of cats, dogs and grandkid-thankful for that.
Be well

7:02 PM

Blogger Albireo said...

Glad to read that Bao is doing so well. Little Casey (my West Highland White Terrier) is getting up there in dog-years. Let's all (readers, author, and more) continue to support each other through these older "doggy sunset years".

1:45 PM


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