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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bao loves our new place in Scottsdale.
It's a condo -- but it's a condo with a difference. They call it the "stacked townhouse concept" and if you can imagine townhouses stacked one on top of the other rather than arranged side by side, you've got the idea.
Each condo has its own yard. The yards are actually balconies, of course. But they are all different shapes and sizes and some of them (including mine) are huge. All the balconies are irrigated, and planted and maintained by the developer's army of gardeners. Mine consists of 800 sq. ft. and has plantings of palm trees, acacias, and even a 30-foot Palo Verde -- all on the fifth floor!
If Bao needs to go out in the wee, small hours all I have to do is open the sliders. No coyotes -- not on the fifth floor! No bobcats. No mountain lions. And no more standing there with a flashlight and a baseball bat to ward off the wildlife, waiting for him to pee!
The place is set in acres and acres of gardens and fountains, and has won just about every architectural prize going. It came on line just as the economy tanked, which was bad luck for the developer and good luck for me, because I could have never aforded to live here before housing prices went south.
It's called Optima Camelview Village. And as you can see, Bao has made himself right at home.
Oh, and did I mention? It's in the heart of downtown Scottsdale, just across the street from Fashion Mall. Location, location, location.


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