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Monday, July 12, 2010

Thirty years ago, nobody would have ever dreamed of having the family dog's teeth cleaned!
So what happened?
Dog food happened. Commercially prepared dogfood in cans -- and at first, that wasn't a bad thing. It was handy. Ir was convenient. You gave your dog canned food, and you supplemented it with table scraps and bones.
Then, conglomerates happened. Big companies swallowed small companies. Managers realized that pet food was big busines, and some bright MBA figured out there were more profits to be made from dry pet food than from tinned pet food. Billions of advertising dollars were spent in an effort to persuade people that these dried foods were "better". Part of the campaign consisted of bad-mouthing things like table scraps, raw meat and bones. Table scraps aren't healthy and raw meat can give your dog tapeworms, we were told. Worse, bone splinters can lodge in your dog's intestines and kill him. Yikes.
So we stopped giving our dogs table scraps, raw meat and bones.
And now our dogs need to have their teeth cleaned. Under anesthetic, no less. Why? Because dogs are carnivores, genetically engineered to eat raw meat and bones.
I'm guilty. I listened to the "expert" advice and tried to follow the trends, but Bao was smarter than I was. He wouldn't touch canned dog food, and he'd rather starve then eat the dry stuff. But I did stop giving him bones, because I was scared a splinter would lodge in his intestines, and he would die. So he developed tartar, and that's probably why he's got the heart condition. The tartar breaks away, enters the blood stream and causes heart disease.
Please, throw out the kibble and feed your dog raw meat. And give him bones. More dogs die under anesthesia having their teeth cleaned than because a bone has lodged in thieir intestines. As for raw meat, you can cure a tapeworm with a pill, but at this writing, canine mitral valve disease is a death sentence.


Blogger BevB said...

My red heeler has been off kibble for over a year and is happy and healthy. I agree with you- up to a point. I am not a fan of feeding raw meat, although I know many people who swear by it. Gracie gets her meat boiled (to remove fat) and mixed with her daily rice & favorite veggies.
I don't give her bones because of the splintering issue. Our vet explained that modern cattle are bred, fed and medicated to produce flesh and therefore their bones are more brittle that they were on cattle many years ago. He said NEVER to give her a cooked bones. I once gave her a huge raw soupbone and before I knew it there was nothing left of it. Never again. She gets (& loves)my dog treats-baked very hard and dry.
It's a little bit more work & time (how long does a rice cooker take?)but worth the effort to have a healthy dog.
I try not to espouse any specific diet to my friends.I think it's important for a dog owner to be in tune with their own dog's needs. Like people- each dog is different and what is good for Gracie, isn't
necessarily good for another dog.

I'm glad to hear you've found something that works for Chrmn (that could be 'chairman' or 'charmin') Bao and that he's feeling better & relaxing in style.

5:54 PM


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