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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bao's blood pressure is up. Bummer.
We've increased the carvedilol -- but it's tricky. The right amount will (hopefully) bring his blood pressure back down, but too much can send him into heart failure. I have to watch him for signs of lethargy, weakness and loss of appetite.
This isn't as easy as it sounds. Bao has always been a couch potato rather than a jock. His idea of a perfect afternoon is a belly rub followed by a nap in the sun. (He loves it when I get a cold, because if I stay in bed all day, so can he) And it's been unseasonably hot, here in Scottsdale. How do you pinpoint lethargy in a little dog who hates 100-degree-plus temperatures and doesn't do much anyhow?
Of course, as regular readers of this blog already know, I tend to be hypervigilant where Bao is concerned. Especially now that he has this mitral valve thing. So he sleeps, and I fret.
I know there's a machine you can buy that reduces blood pressure in people. You listen to music and it somehow slows down your breathing and this -- for reasons I don't quite understand -- lowers your blood pressure which then stays low, even after the music has stopped.
I wish there was something like that for dogs!


Blogger Miss Poppy said...

I hope Bao is doing well !! Unfortunately Miss Poppy had a second operation in less than 6 months for bladder stones. First she had struvite and now she had a huge oxalate stone ! These 2 different types of stones make it practically impossible to prevent a new one with just a diet ! Let's hope that the alternative treatment she is getting now with chinese herbs will help !! It's so worrying to see them suffer and even with all the money in the world not being able to help them ...

9:37 PM

Blogger Miss Poppy said...

It's been so quiet here for so long now, I do hope everything is ok with both of you ...

6:44 AM


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