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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bad Newz. Michael Vick is out of jail.

I'm not happy about this. A lot of people aren't.

Yes, I know. He's served his sentence. He's paid his debt to society. But here's the thing. He's never once said he's sorry for what he did to those dogs. He's said he's sorry he let his team down. And that he's sorry he let his sponsors down. And so forth. But in all his carefully phrased, psuedo "apologies" I've never heard him say he's sorry he tortured and killed all those dogs.

One can't help but think that he hasn't said this because, in fact, he isn't sorry. If he had it to do all over again, I suspect he would -- he'd just be a bit more careful about hiding the evidence.

Michael Vick did not "deserve" to be reinstated. Nor does he "deserve" a second chance, or forgiveness. Why does he "deserve" to be forgiven? Because he plays football? Come on. Give me a break. We're talking about someone who tortured and killed dogs. This is not someone you'd want to meet in a dark alley. This is not someone you'd want to meet, period.

And may I add that the idea of Michael Vick doing volunteer work teaching inner city kids to be kind to animals sends shivers down my spine. What can the ASPCA possibly be thinking? It's like sending Bernard Madoff into high schools to teach students how to handle money.
Nobody's suggesting that Madoff "deserves" a second chance. Is that because we value money more than life? Or because Madoff isn't a football player?


Blogger Darlene said...

There really does seem to be a double standard for sports figures. I am not into sports so I find this disgusting.

Anyone who would torture a helpless animal would also hurt a child or a weaker human. There is something sadistic in their makeup that should send red flags to all concerned.

12:34 PM


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