Chairman Bao is a Shih Tzu. We travel a lot. I drive. He watches. We've logged at least 10,000 miles and he's never once said, Sweetheart, don't you think you should stop and ask someone?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bakersfield Was Bao's Kind of Place

Nothing to do. Nothing to see. A longish drive from Carmel to Bakersfield in an air-conditioned car to a quiet, air- conditioned room. Definitely, Bao's kind of day.
I always try to discover something interesting about the places I visit, but Bakersfield defeated me. Points of interest included two convention centers, a pizza place and something called Vallitix that nobody at the front desk had ever heard of. And it was hot. Seriously hot.
Bakersfield is where you break the trip between Carmel and Las Vegas. End of story.
The best we could do for dinner was carry-out from the adjacent IHOP. Bao loved it.


Blogger Miss Poppy said...

Oké ! Tell us what a IHOP is !! We already figured out that there is something edible involved ... and that you like it ...but what is it ????

12:46 PM

Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

IHOP - International House of Pancakes!

7:03 PM


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