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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Waiting for the Monsoon

First of all, it is not a monsoon. They just call it a monsoon. It's a Tucson thing. The monsoon is thunderstorms.
That having been said, waiting for it -- or them -- is a drag. It's too hot to go outside. Everyone with sense has gone away, already. Even the rattlesnakes take cover at noon. I've got cabin fever. Bao's got cabin fever.
Talk to me, somebody!


Blogger Miss Poppy said...

Just checked the weather forecast and it seems like the thunderstorms have arrived ! Isn't the internet a wonderfull thing !
We live in the north part of Belgium and for a few weeks now, we have temperatures getting close to 90°F and that's not normal ! Miss Poppy & Lily prefer to stay inside on the stone floor, I don't blame them ! Chris, Miss Poppy & Lily

9:32 PM


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