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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amazing Downtown Petaluma

True confessions, after the disappointing Sheraton Petaluma, we weren't expecting much. But I thought, We'll never stay here again, so we might as well have a look.
Wow! But that's the thing about travel, you just never know. Wonderful antique stores, impressive art galleries (bought a painting -- in Petluma!) restaurants and a little River Walk. (Well, it's just a little river)
Lunch was coconut shrimp with mango and papaya salsa -- even Bao was impressed.
We highly recommend Grafitti Restaurant and downtown Petauma. Visit by all means, but avoid the local Sheraton.
On to Carmel.


Blogger Miss Poppy said...

What shrimp can do to a normal human being !! (I presume she is a normal human being ?) They forget about stitches and things like that just for food !! My kind of people !!

11:36 AM


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