Chairman Bao is a Shih Tzu. We travel a lot. I drive. He watches. We've logged at least 10,000 miles and he's never once said, Sweetheart, don't you think you should stop and ask someone?

Friday, February 27, 2009

So there we were, enjoying our morning walk.

My thoughts were a million miles away -- I'd just received the ARCs (advanced readers copies) of my novel, Sea Changes. These are pre-publication copies that get sent to reviewers and I was lost in thought wondering, Will anyone even review it? And if they do, will the reviews be good?

Suddenly, I became aware of an unnatural hush. Everything had gone quiet. Bao had frozen in his tracks and was looking back at me, horrified.

Right there in front of us -- not six feet away -- was a coyote. It was just standing there, looking at us. Looking at Bao. And it wasn't afraid of me, not a bit. It was big, too. Its shoulder would have reached almost to my waist.

I picked up Bao and ran. I know you're not supposed to run. If you run they think you're prey, and run after you. At least that's what people say. But I wasn't thinking. I was too scared to think. So I ran.

It didn't run after us. But what a shock. No more daydreaming during our morning walks, that's for sure!


Blogger Lacy said...

w00f's Bao, that was scarey...good thing u and ur mom got away from it..

b safe,

3:07 PM

Blogger Suzuki said...

Hi Bao
It's furry nice to meet you. I came across your blog through Paw It Forward and thought I would say Hi. Stop by my blog sometime, I like to make new friends :)
Big licks to you

4:09 AM


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