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Sunday, January 04, 2009

I like Cesar Millan. I don't always agree with him -- especially with the idea that dogs live always and forever in the present -- but I like him.

So I was quite pleased to be offered a complimentary copy of Mastering Leadership, Cesar Millan's new, three-volume set of DVDs including People Training for Dogs, Becoming a Pack Leader and Your New Dog: First Day and Beyond.

I expected to be entertained, but I didn't expect to be surprised. Be warned, this is a whole new Cesar Millan. This is fun!

Mind you, as far as Bao and I are concerned the whole "pack leader" thing is redundant. We've worked that one out for ourselves, and to our mutual satisfaction. And maybe Cesar would approve. After all, everybody's happy.

But there's lots more to these sessions with Cesar, and all of it is engrossing. He's actually got a sort of philosophy of dogs, and it's fascinating. Ideas get discussed, and developed. Anyone who loves dogs will love this set. And what a wonderful gift for the young (or not so young) person or family about to acquire a first dog!


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