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Friday, September 12, 2008

In Switzerland, animals that belong to "social species" now have been granted rights. Dogs are right there at the top of the list. From now on, the Swiss are going license owners instead of dogs (Bao thinks this is an excellent idea, and so do I) but only after they've passed a 10-part course in the theory and practice of dog ownership.

Fishermen will have to take a course, as well -- there is apparently a humane way to catch fish. This is harder to imagine. A local anesthetic on the hook, maybe?

Pet fish also get preferential treatment. Their tanks cannot be transparent on all sides, and owners must make sure their natural cycle of day and night is maintained. And, no. You can no longer flush your goldfish down the toilet, at least not until it's dead. And if you want to kill it, you've got to use special chemicals which will presumably be available in the "Euthanasia" aisle of your local pet emporium.

The new legislation covers horses, sheep, cows, pigs, goats, guinea pigs, canaries and rhinoceroses.

What I'm wondering is, What about ants, bees and termites, not to mention bats, cockroaches and rats? I'm all for animal rights, but I think they should be extended to all sentient beings (except cockroaches). By specifying "social animals" the Swiss may find they've opened up a big can of worms.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

But being Swiss you can rest assured it's well engineered!

2:40 PM

Blogger GeeRome said...

I love the idea of licensing owners! I've always wished that a test were required before people would be able to own a dog. Though I am slightly confused about the other animals on the list. I'm sure they have it all worked out, though!

Go Swiss!

6:41 PM

Blogger Albireo said...

Could we all agree to accept the indiscriminate dispatch of flies?

My little West Highland White Terrier Casey loves to kill flies (on the walls--in the air).

I would hate to have to pay a tax or obtain a special permit for her to kill fly pests.

Go Scots!

11:30 AM


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