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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why does a dog lift his leg to pee?

I always thought it was a guy thing, but that's wrong. Female dogs sometimes do it, too.

So is it because he doesn't want to pee on his feet? Unlikely. Have you ever seen a dog pee on its feet?

Dogs lift their legs and let fly because they're trying to leave traces of their urine as high as possible. And why do they do this? Because the higher the mark, the bigger the dog. Size counts with dogs. A Rottweiler leaves a much higher calling card than a dachshund. People may not know the difference, but dogs do. And if you're a dog, you want to know if your new neighbor is a Chihuahua or a Great Dane. It matters. Just ask Bao.

What intrigues me is that it works the same for females as it does for males. The bitch who lifts her leg is telling the rest of the girls, Look out! I am one mean mother. Mind you, I'm not quite sure what she's telling the guys. Unless she's a Rottweiler, of course. In that case she may be saying, Dachshunds need not apply.

So next time you're walking your best friend and it's cold and you're late and you're tempted to tug at the leash, forbear. Your dog isn't just relieving himself, or herself. He (or she) may be composing the doggy equivalent of a letter to the editor.


Blogger Sylvia K said...

I was referred to your blog by Mari. She and I have been corresponding a lot because we both love Montana and we both love to write. I also love furry friend! The pictures are really cute. I have a Minature Schnauzer named Sam and couldn't get along without him.
My blog is

4:48 PM

Blogger Miss Poppy said...

I always thought it was a bit weird when seeing Lily doing it... this leg thing.. now this explains it ! Because I know that, deep down inside of her, she is convinced that she's not a Shih tzu but a St Bernard !

Chris, Miss Poppy & Lily

11:17 PM

Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Where do you learn all these little gems? Of course with Bacchus it's never been much of an issue!

12:41 PM


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