Chairman Bao is a Shih Tzu. We travel a lot. I drive. He watches. We've logged at least 10,000 miles and he's never once said, Sweetheart, don't you think you should stop and ask someone?

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bao with Ju, a friend from Australia who spent a couple of days with us last week. We've just had lunch at The Olive Garden, one of Bao's favorites.

How does Bao feel about houseguests? I suspect if I taught him how to use the computer (and how to spell) he'd compile Guidelines for Houseguests that would look something like this.

1. Pay attention to me. Talk to me. Include me in your conversation. It's my house.

2. If you must sit in the front seat of the car, I get to sit on your lap.

3. I am a creature of habit, and my walks are non-negotiable. Every morning, and every afternoon. You're welcome to join us, but we do stop frequently. If you want exercise, use the treadmill.

4. Food is to be shared at all times.

5. Please refrain from making sudden, loud noises.

6. Expect me to be in the same room with the two of you. If you want privacy, go to your own room and shut the door.

7. Scratch me behind my ears. Admire me. Bribe me with treats. Bring me presents. Squeaky soft toys are especially welcome.


Blogger Betty said...

This whole list could apply to my own grandpuppy, Cosette.

12:28 PM

Blogger Turbo the Sibe said...

I see nothing wrong with those guidelines.

10:59 AM


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