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Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

We were invited out, this year. Michel (my hairdresser) and Debbie created a feast for a dozen or so friends, and weren't we lucky to be included! Michel cooked, and dinner included the traditional turkey and accompaniments plus some interesting "specialties of the house" including red cabbage cooked with apples, homemade cannoli stuffed with chocolate chip custard, Napoleons and a jazzed-up pumpkin pie. Michel is a fabulous cook.

We all sat at one, long table and before we started eating, we held hands and -- going around the table one by one -- told everyone what we were most thankful for. Bao and being here, I said. Bao didn't say anything. He was hanging out for the turkey.

I ate too much. I always eat too much, this time of year. I meant to start working out on the treadmill today, but when I went out to get the newspaper this morning it was dark and I stubbed my toe (actually, I think I may have broken it) and all I can manage at the moment is a slow hobble. Black Friday for the merchants, black and blue Friday for me.


Blogger Lacy said...

woofies Bao, sounds likies u had a grate turkey day...dats watt its all about, spendin time wiff family and fends...and countin ur blessings...

b safe,

3:29 PM


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