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Friday, October 19, 2007

Bao is appalled when dogs behave badly. He's even more appalled when people behave badly.

Ellen DeGeneres is behaving badly. When Iggy -- the puppy she adopted from a non-profit rescue operation called Moms and Mutts -- didn't get along with her cats she gave Iggy to her hairdresser. That's against the rules. If you adopt a dog and decide you can't keep him, you're supposed to return him to the agency, not just pass him along like a parcel. DeGeneres signed a contract. So technically, she's in the wrong. Moms and Mutts reclaimed Iggy and settled him into another home. Technically, they're in the right.

Then DeGeneres went public. Boo hoo, on nationwide TV. There are definitely advantages to having your own television show.

Suddenly, Moms and Mutts became the villains of the piece. Okay, perhaps they could have been more tactful, and a tad more diplomatic when they repossessed Iggy. But they didn't deserve to be publically outed. Nor do they deserve to find themselves on the receiving end of death threats from -- presumably -- DeGeneres' fans. (Which makes one wonder about her fans)

DeGeneres broke the rules. DeGeneres was wrong. She owes the ladies who run Moms and Mutts an apology. And a big hug, on nationwide TV.


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Boy are we on opposite sides on this one!

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