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Monday, October 08, 2007

We've got a new dog on the block, a dear little rescued Shih Tzu named Gadget.

Gadget has had cosmetic surgery. He's had his eyes done. I kid you not. There is apparently a surgical procedure for dogs with bulging eyes. This is not necessarily a bad idea. Those big, beautiful eyes are at risk (especially when little dogs play with big dogs) and I do know several Shih Tzus who've lost an eye. But cosmetic surgery? I don't think so.

And guess what? If you've had your dog neutered and then changed your mind about it, you can -- in the words of L'l Abner -- "put 'em put back the way they was". I am referring to surgically implanted testicles. They have a cutesy name for them, something like "besticles". The mind boggles. But don't go by me. Apparently, there's big bucks to be made in prosthetic dogs' balls.

I am also at somewhat of a loss as to why anyone would pay $65 to ascertain the parentage of their dog. But there it is, the latest hot item for the dog owner who has everything. A DNA test for dogs. It's DYI. You take a cheek swab, mail it to the lab, and five weeks later they send you the results. You can only go back as far as the dog's great-grandparents, but hey! That's one generation further than I can go.


Blogger Betty said...

I've heard of cataract surgery for dogs, but not cosmetic surgery, and certainly not replacement balls. Will wonders never cease!

1:34 PM

Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

I'm speechless about the balls!

11:40 AM


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