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Monday, March 26, 2007

The good news is that our local animal welfare organization is starting a play group especially for little dogs like Bao.

The bad news is that only neutered and spayed little dogs will be permitted to attend. And they won't just take your word for it, either. You have to present "proof" (a note from the vet, I assume) before they'll let you in.
This is so disappointing. This is so unfair. I know that some male dogs are aggressive, and the received wisdom is that neutering helps. But you know what? The pit bull that attacked and nearly killed Bao was neutered, and it didn't slow that dog down one small bit.

Obviously, you wouldn't bring a female dog on heat into a doggie play group. That's just common sense.

But I do think that insisting every dog in the group be neutered or spayed is going too far. In fact, I think this whole neutering and spaying thing has gone too far. Because do you know what's happening? Beautiful, sweet-tempered, beloved dogs whose owners care for them and don't let them run loose and who are therefore highly unlikely to bring unwanted puppies into the world are being systematically removed from the gene pool, while dogs whose owners don't give a damn one way or the other are out there breeding like rabbits.

An intact dog isn't necessarily aggressive, or vicious. And a neutered dog isn't necessarily nice. Dogs -- like people -- should be judged on the basis of what they are, not on the basis of whether or not they've got all their bits.

Bao would have loved going to a play group. But I'm not going to cut off his balls, not at this stage. I mean, would you?


Blogger Betty said...

Well, I'm appalled! The very idea,requiring proof of neutering, or having to neuter your dog in order to get into a play group! Anyone can look at Bao's sweet little face and know he is not a bully. If you have friends with dogs, maybe you can form your own play group, made up of nice, unneutered dogs. That'll show 'em!

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