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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bao doing dinner with the movers and shakers of publishing

And wondering what all the fuss is about. Dogs don't worry about publishers or editors or -- God forbid -- agents. Dogs just squat or lift a leg. They write their novels and autobiographies in urine, but at least they get them out there for other dogs to read ... Sadly, that's more than you can say for most of the people at this Writers Workshop.
The message seems to be that the biggest barrier to publishing is publishers. It isn't about books, anymore. Everyone agrees on that point. Even if the Aquisitions Editor loves it, if the sales people don't go for it, you and your book are a non-event.
So where does that leave an author who writes books for people who love to read?
Unpublished. And alone in her room, staring into her glass of red wine, wishing she was a Shih Tzu.


Blogger Betty said...

Considering some of the books that do get published these days, the sales people don't have much taste, do they?

10:18 AM


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