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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Couldn't resist adding one, last happy snap from New York.
Built in 1846, the Trinity Church's 280-foot tower made it the tallest building in New York, a distinction it retained until 1860. Designed by Richard Upjohn, it is considered a fine example of American Gothic Revival architecture. Richard Morris Hunt crafted the sculpted brass doors, said to have been inspired by Ghiberti's Doors of Paradise at the Baptistry in Florence.
Bao and I are in the graveyard, an oasis of sunshine, quiet and birdsong at the top of Wall Street. And we're surrounded by famous (dead) people: Alexander Hamilton, Robert Fulton, and William Bradford, among others. They seem to be resting in peace, enjoying the tranquility and the flowers, just as we are. Who's William Bradford? He founded New York's first newspaper. But you knew that, didn't you?
Did you also know that New York City was technically the first capital of the United States? George Washington took his oath of office on the steps of Federal Hall, just down the street from here. (It was originally the US Custom House) And that Wall Street was named for the wall that kept the Indians out of Manhattan?
I'll end our New York diary with a comment made by one of the guys on our walking tour. He said, "If I'm ever single again, I'm going to buy a little dog and wheel it around in a stroller. The women love it."


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I love hearing about your travels, and seeing sights I'll probably never be able to see in person.

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