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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here we are, taking a break from our latest foray into advanced technology.

Tomorrow, we're off to Florida to visit Morag and Cruise Beagle. And oh, boy! Have I been dreading the process of air travel with a laptop! Taking the battery out and proving to Security that it isn't an explosive device. Putting the battery back in, all the while trying to keep track of everything that's just been dumped out of my handbag. Slinging it back over my shoulder and lugging it thorugh the endless corridors of the air terminal. Not fun.

Why don't you just get a Smart Phone? suggested Laurie.

So yesterday, I did. It's the size of a pack of cigarettes (or maybe a bit smaller) with a flip-out qwerty keyboard and internet access. Oh yes, and a camera that takes stills and videos and a touch screen. Of course the touch screen is the size of a largish commemorative postage stamp (like the ones from the Dominican Republic) so you can't actually touch it with your great, big fingertip. You poke at it with a stylus, sort of like the way you eat winkles in a French restaurant. (I wasn't spectacularly good at that, either)

Thus far, the Smart Phone has proved to be a lot smarter than I am. And I've misplaced the stylus (which is the size of a truncated knitting needle, and black) three times. So tomorrow (or the next day) heaven only knows what's going to appear on this page. Maybe nothing. However, there is apparently a way to post messages and photos from mobile devices. The technology exists. All I need to do now is figure it out. Bao has promised to help. (I should hope so. After all, this is his blog) So please bear with us.


Blogger FleasGang said...

Bao (Gail)I just stumbled upon your blog and I "couldn't put it down" so to speak. If your novel reads anything like this blog, you'll have no problems getting it published! Good Luck

Jason and The FleasGang

12:31 PM


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