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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tucson is green!
Flowers, everywhere. Look at my "desert" garden. Can you believe it?
It's very pretty, really. But it doesn't look like Tucson. As I drove up my street and into my driveway, I hardly recognized it. I'm still finding all the green a bit disorienting. Like blue mashed potatoes. Bao doesn't know what to make of it either, although he's found and "watered" all of his favorite spots.
Did you know that the US Post Office will only hold your mail for 30 days? The chirpy little voice on their fully automated (of course) telephone "service" informed me, All of your mail has been returned to the sender. Cute, huh? Luckily for me, my postman (who is a real human being) saved it for me in a cardboard box. A machine, of course, would never dream of doing such a thing. Machines don't dream. Machines don't think, either. That's why we call them machines. Someday, people are going to realize that human beings are infinitely more creative and considerate than machines, and perhaps even start employing them again. Stranger things have happened.
There were quite a few violent thunderstorms while we were away, (hence the uncharacteristic greenery) and several power outages. One of my fuses apparently blew (or whatever it is that modern fuses do) and everything in my freezer rotted. Looking at the disgusting mess, I decided it would be easier to handle the muck if it was frozen, so I reset the fuse and am letting it all freeze solid again. It could have been worse. If the food had thawed and gone bad and then the power came back on and refroze everything, Bao and I would not have been the wiser and we both might have been done in by our dinner last night.
We've been home less than 24 hours, and it already feels as if we never left. Isn't it weird, the way that happens?
We'll keep blogging, although not every day. But watch this space.
I'm now going to tackle the freezer.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Don't stay away too long - we'll miss you!

1:08 PM

Blogger waupacawinter said...

Enjoyed your trip. No, I did not know about the 30 days; I guess we have never been gone that long. Sorry about the freezer.

10:40 AM

Blogger waupacawinter said...

I came across a blog site that may interest you. Anyway it is:

10:52 AM

Blogger skynanny said...

Thanks for the travel stories, I really enjoyed seeing new places from your blog-log. I can't imagine seeing green as unusual, as we have lots of green, of course our fall is colourful with the Maples and Birch trees, then comes grey Nov. followed by winter white.
I started 2 blogs The NOAA link will take you to lots of Northern Ontario art.
You are a great inspiration for me to write and also to travel. I hope to do more of both in the future. Thanks so much! Jackie

5:54 AM


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