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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fabulous glasses

It's a typical summer day in San Francisco, cool and cloudy. Bao and I are at the Sheraton On Fisherman's Wharf, which used to be a 5-star hotel and will perhaps be one again, when they finish the massive renovations that have closed the lobby, pool, restaurant and everything else one expects in a 5-star hotel. Need I add that this little detail wasn't mentioned when I made the booking? 20,000 Starwood points, totally wasted.
They charge you $41 per day to park your car, and $16 to use the internet. If you have Sheraton stock, sell it. This management has lost it.
Thing is, the only optician who sells the kind of glasses (seeing, not drinking) I love is here in San Francisco. That's why we stopped, so I could buy glasses. So what do you think of these?


Blogger Marlena said...

I think they are absoutely wonderful. You can bring me a pair. LOL

9:10 AM

Blogger Betty said...

Great glasses. I love San Francisco, but that parking fee is ridiculous. And, most hotels have the internet connection for free. What's with Sheraton, anyway.

1:22 PM


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