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Monday, June 26, 2006

Today we'll talk about sex.
Bao has got all his bits. He's what they call "intact". (Intact female Shih Tzus of child-bearing age, please form a line to the right. Maltese are also welcome)
I didn't have Bao "neutered" (what a ghastly word. I mean, think about it) because the breeder refused to sell him to me unless I promised to bring him back so that he could make some puppies. And after we did that, it seemed cruel. Bao enjoyed making puppies. He clearly knew what the equipment was for, and he also knew what to do with it. And did it with real enjoyment. Besides, I could tell he he was fond of his little balls, in a doggy sort of way.
We were living in Australia at the time, and, given the relationship between the sexes in Australia, Australian women neuter their male dogs with a fervent, bright-eyed avidity that sort of makes you wonder about unconscious transference processes. There was this one woman at the park who never failed to remind me that when (not if) Bao contracted testicular cancer, I would have only myself to blame. Cut them off! she kept saying. Cut them off!
Actually, I've been told that the incidence of testicular cancer is about the same in human beings as it is in dogs. But I don't see many men lined up at Castration Clinics for prophylactic surgery.
I know there are zillions of unwanted puppies and kittens.
It's awful, I agree. But what's it got to do with Bao?
He doesn't wander. He's never off his leash. He's not aggressive. He's never raped anyone's arm, or leg, much less their dog. He pleads guilty to having been instrumental in the creation of a litter of gorgeous puppies, but reminds us that was by mutual arrangement. And they all went to very good homes.
Dogs who live on farms and roam, well maybe that's different.
But urban, indoor dogs?
What puzzles me is the fact that all of us responsible, upper middle class dog owners (except me)assiduously spay and neuter our dogs, and yet there continue to be all these zillions of unwanted puppies and kittens. So this is obviously not the solution.
What is?
I don't know.
But what I do know is that Bao's family jewels are not part of the problem.


Blogger Dogwalkmusings said...

Ditto Bacchus. In this house its a guy thing. Bacchus will remain intact unless it really does become an issue of health!

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